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A view of the coops from our back deck, in spring.

Tom and Rebecca have been living at the farm since 2004. Life on the farm was so restorative for Rebecca, that she began wondering and developing a plan to give back to others.  With that passion, a small self-sustaining ecosystem was born.  

Rebecca became a certified bee keeper and started a few hives, planted a garden for the food and pollen, and began raising chickens for the manure.   Her mantra was "The chickens will poop and feed the garden. The bees will eat the pollen and make the garden flourish. I will have and give food and love them all."

Since Rebecca and Tom had full time jobs in addition to the farm, learning about time management and sustainability occurred.  Their focus moved away from gardening to caring for animals. In 2010 we started with farm crack, chickens.  We started with layer hens,on our poultry farm, selling the eggs where we worked;  in 2014 we began raising heritage turkeys and sheep; in 2018 we began raising organically fed free range chickens. 

Our passion for raising healthy food for people to eat has only grown over time. we built our farm expanding to multiple coops, geo-domes, hutches, sheds, additional electric fencing, solar powered doors and lights, automatic waterers and continue the journey of raising happy and healthy food.  

Small Farms, the only real answer to large production industries, are the guardians of our food chain. We are proud to be part of that ecosystem Providing local foods to the Triangle.

Free Rangin' and Fancy Free


To the best of our ability we love, respect and protect our animals and provide them with what they need to flourish. When we are our tending to "Our Girls" (the chickens or turkeys) or "Our Kids" (the sheep and guardian dogs) we keep a watchful eye out for injuries and stressors.  

Like my view on health care, we focus on prevention and if that doesn't work we look to do the least invasive treatment first.   Our general routine with the animals is to supplement their foraging with apple cider vinegar, honey, garlic, cayenne pepper, diatomaceous earth. 

Although we cannot protect them from everything, nature does happen when land or areal predators attack, we assess the flock and look towards simple deterrents first such as, a radio on a random timer, scent deterrents, motion sensor lights, ensuring the electrified fence is working, and bolstering fences. 

Our philosophy is to do the least harm to the environment and implement natural defenses first and foremost. We haven't used pesticides since we started raising bees, preferring instead to offer the June bugs to the chickens as treats.   

We want to farm sustainability, so our hens and turkeys are primarily foragers. When the winter comes, or times with less food, we do supplement their diets with; pure cane sugar or fondant for the bees, locally grown hay and feeds (we get non-GMO and "naturally grown" feed when possible) and look to expanding our foraging area. As part of our poultry farm, our meat chickens get a supplement of locally grown organic chicken feed and our sheep, hay. 




We offer our farm as a place to bring an animal until we can adopt or rehome them. We have had a number of dogs and goats run through until the have found their “fur-ever” homes. 

That said we run a retirement home for our egg layer chickens and have taken over 200 “aging out chickens” to rest and relax at Fort Clux Spa, living out their natural lives here at the poultry farm. Chickens – Farmer Crack – ‘nuf said. 

For all our rescued animals they stay in isolation for a period of time. This ensures the health of our and their health and manages a period of “getting to know one another” the goal is to integrate them in the least stressful way possible. Just a s a FYI we will only take roosters if our flock can accommodate another rooster.   

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